Survey Spot Review

Survey Spot is a part of the company Survey Sampling International. It operates in the United States of America. It is a site which offers membership to people to take surveys for money about different products and services. The membership is free and in exchange of the surveys, people are paid in cash, prizes or entry into sweepstakes.

Paid Surveys on the internet have gained immense importance thanks to the accessibility and ease. It has also become an attractive option for many who wish to earn some extra money sitting at home. When it comes to the companies who want their products to be written about, they wish to know what people think about them and ways to improve, if any. This way, they feel that the information will not be prejudiced and they will get the correct picture. It is a fact that companies pay loads of money to such sites which carry out these researches.

Here are some prerequisites for becoming a member of the company and the related process:

  • • One has to be 18 years of age.
  • • Children who are 13 can also become members with the permission of their parents.
  • • The interested candidate should be a citizen of the US.
  • • There is a registration process which needs to be completed. This is a small one and takes very little time.
  • • Once this is done, the members will get emails for survey invitations. These will contain information on the topics as well. The mail will even detail the stipulated time to complete the survey and the compensation.
  • • All one needs to do is to complete the surveys and earn money on them.

Survey Spot is listed in the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. This means that it is a good company and gives whatever is mentioned in the home page. It is reliable and completely safe to take a membership in the website.

The following are the pros of Surveyspot:

  1. 1. It is legitimate.
  2. 2. The join up is free for all.
  3. 3. The email which you receive as a survey request has all the information about the product, which includes critical, the time required and the money.
  4. 4. If the survey does not pay money and offers gifts or entry into a sweepstakes, even this is mentioned.
  5. 5. Members who wish to work only for cash can ignore the surveys which pay in other terms.
  6. 6. Even if one’s survey does not get qualified in the initial stage, he or she gets an entry to their sweepstakes. This is something which is unique and nice about the company.
  7. 7. The company has a reputation of paying its members whatever it owes them.
  8. 8. The sign up is a very fast procedure.
  9. 9. The topics included are many and one can choose those that are of interest.
  10. 10. If one wishes to withdraw from the membership, he or she can do it at any point of time.
  11. 11. They have a quarterly prize draw where the maximum prize to be won by a member is $12000.
  12. 12. They also offer cash rewards in certain conditions.
  13. 13. They have a strict privacy policy.
  14. 14. Most of the surveys take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  15. 15. One will get many surveys to take and can pick those that they think will give them the best value for their time.
  16. Members who have been with the company for a long time have had many benefits.
  17. They also have online interactive focus groups which pay considerable amount of money.
  18. It is a structured website.
  19. Once a member takes a survey, he or she is allowed to play 2 mini games which decide the number of entries in their sweepstakes.

Let us now look at the Surveyspot cons:

  1. Most of their survey invitations do not pay cash.
  2. More often than not, their surveys compensate by giving an entry to their sweepstakes.
  3. The payment takes some time to reach you and can be frustrating to some.
  4. Some surveys do not allow members to participate.
  5. The site does not have a list of available surveys for its members.
  6. Once the payment is made, the members will not get the information of how many surveys they have completed till that date.
  7. Most of their surveys are difficult to qualify for.
  8. They do not make payments via a PayPal account and the members have to wait for weeks for a check.
  9. A minimum of $10 is required to request a payment.

Though the money earned in Survey Spot is not so good, the same is eventually paid out to the members. It is not spam and is a recommended site for people who wish to spend their free time in a constructive manner.